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Our FedCiv platform is meticulously tailored to empower Capture, Sales, and Business Development professionals targeting Federal Civilian Agencies. With G2Xchange, you are not just navigating the FedCiv landscape; you are mastering it

You are not just navigating the FedCiv landscape;

Seize the competitive edge.

Gain access to unrivaled intelligence and distinguished advantages, meticulously crafted for the experienced BD teams.

Strategic Intelligence

Empower your decision-making with unparalleled insights into the Federal Civilian contracting arena. G2Xchange FedCiv delivers real-time intelligence, offering a strategic advantage that transforms opportunities into wins, ensuring you're always several steps ahead in the competitive landscape.

The Daily Take - Master the Market

Start every day equipped with confidence as 'The Daily Take' brings you the foremost trusted Federal contracting market and competitive intelligence. Tailored for FedCiv sophistication, this curated newsletter ensures you remain on the pioneering edge, setting the pace in the Federal Civilian sector.

Events & Awards

Elevate your network and industry standing through G2Xchange FedCiv's exclusive events and prestigious awards. Celebrate excellence in Federal contracting and forge invaluable connections at signature events, spotlighting the brilliance and innovation driving the Federal Civilian domain forward.

More than a resource

FedCiv is your strategic partner in conquering the GovCon market. Our platform equips you with the tools, insights, and connections necessary to outmaneuver competition and secure wins within Federal Civilian Agencies.

Department of Homeland Security

Navigate the complexity of DHS contracts with our targeted insights, empowering your strategic positioning and proposal success.

Social Security Administration

Unlock vital intelligence for SSA opportunities, ensuring your proposals align with their strategic initiatives and requirements.

United States Department of Agriculture

Leverage our deep dive analysis to understand USDA's procurement landscape, enhancing your approach to win more contracts.

Department of Veterans Affairs

Access specialized insights into VA contracting opportunities, positioning your business as a frontrunner in providing solutions for veterans.

Office of Personnel Management

Capitalize on OPM's contracting needs with our expert analytics, driving your strategy to meet their evolving requirements.

Department of Transportation

Steer your success with DOT by leveraging our comprehensive market intelligence, aligning your offerings with their mission-critical needs.

Department of Housing and Urban Development

Navigate HUD's procurement priorities with our insights, positioning your solutions to address critical housing and development challenges.

Department of Commerce

Dive into DOC's contracting world with our analysis, identifying opportunities for growth and partnership in commerce initiatives.

Small Business Administration

Utilize our targeted intelligence to align your offerings with SBA's mission to support small businesses, enhancing your proposal's impact.

Department of Labor

Gain insight into DOL's procurement processes, equipping your business with the knowledge to address labor market needs effectively.

Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation

Get ahead in FDIC contracting with our strategic insights, focusing your efforts on financial stability and consumer protection projects.

Department of Education

Elevate your proposals to ED with our in-depth market intelligence, contributing to educational excellence and innovation.

Department of State

Secure a strategic advantage in DOS contracting through our specialized insights, empowering your global diplomacy and development initiatives.

Department of the Interior

Harness our analytical prowess to tap into DOI's contracting needs, aligning your solutions with their conservation and management missions.

United States Army Corps of Engineers

Leverage exclusive insights into USACE projects, positioning your business for success in civil and military engineering opportunities.

General Services Administration

Gain unparalleled access to GSA procurement strategies, enhancing your capabilities to meet government-wide service and supply needs.

Department of Energy

Illuminate your path to DOE contracts with our expert analysis, energizing your strategy with insights into energy policy and innovation procurements.

Department of Justice

Empower your approach to DOJ opportunities with our targeted intelligence, aligning your solutions with justice and public safety missions.

Pension Benefit Guaranty Corporation

Advance your contracting aspirations with PBGC through strategic insights, securing your role in pension security initiatives.

Department of the Treasury

Unlock the treasury of opportunities at TREAS with our actionable intelligence, guiding your financial services and policy engagement strategies.

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FedCiv covers all Federal Civilian Agencies.

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