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Streamline your business development efforts with G2X's GovCon Calendar – your one-stop destination for all government contracting events. Whether you're looking for vendor-hosted conferences or agency-sponsored seminars, our comprehensive calendar consolidates all relevant events in the federal contracting space. Stay informed about networking opportunities, industry gatherings, and educational seminars, ensuring you never miss a chance to connect and collaborate. Simplify your event planning and maximize your business development efforts with G2X's GovCon Calendar.

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May 2024
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Magic Behind GovCon Calendar

Analyst Curation

Our team of experts meticulously curates events to ensure relevance and value. We sift through numerous sources, handpicking events that align with the Federal contracting sphere. This method allows us to maintain a high standard of quality, ensuring that you only get to see events that matter.

Deep Learning Mining

We leverage advanced deep learning technology to mine events from the internet. AI surfaces relevant gatherings within the Federal contracting sphere by analyzing patterns and trends. Once an event is identified, it is sent to our team for verification. This blend of technology and human expertise ensures that we capture a wide range of events while maintaining the quality and relevance of our event calendar.

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