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Developed for the savvy Capture, Sales, and Business Development professionals, our platform is engineered to position your enterprise at the forefront of opportunity and innovation within the Defense market.

Deep Intel

Comprehensive Coverage

Gain a decisive advantage with in-depth insights into the Defense sector, enabling your team to carve out competitive strategies that lead to tangible wins.

Comprehensive Defense Sector Coverage

Access unrivaled actionable intelligence spanning crucial Defense agencies, including the Air Force, Army, Navy, Defense Logistic Agency, National Reconnaissance Office, and more. G2Xchange Defense equips you with the insights needed to navigate the complex Defense contracting landscape successfully.

The Daily Take – Defense Edition

Receive daily, curated Defense contracting stories and competitive intelligence directly to your inbox with The Daily Take – Defense Edition. Our seasoned team of experts ensures you're always informed and one step ahead in the fast-paced Defense market.

Signature Events & Awards Access

Elevate your network and celebrate success through exclusive access to G2Xchange's signature Defense sector events and prestigious awards. These unique opportunities highlight industry excellence and foster connections that could shape the future of your business development endeavors.

Insights and Strategic Advantages

Gain a Competitive Edge with Targeted Intelligence Across Defense Agencies

Air Force

Elevate your bid strategies with unparalleled insights into Air Force contracts and procurements.


Gain a competitive edge with in-depth analysis and intelligence on Army contracting opportunities.


Dive into the Navy's procurement landscape with strategic intelligence that positions you for success.

Defense Logistic Agency

Connect with pivotal supply chain opportunities and logistics contracts crucial for Defense operations.

National Reconnaissance Office

Access exclusive insights into contracts and projects within the realm of satellite reconnaissance.

National Security Agency

Unlock critical intelligence and cybersecurity contracting opportunities with the NSA.

National Geospatial Agency

Leverage actionable intelligence on geospatial technology procurements and services.

Defense Intelligence Agency

Navigate the intricate web of intelligence analysis and related contracting opportunities.


Stay ahead in the competitive IT and communications landscape with insights specific to DISA procurements.


Embark on a journey of innovation with advanced research projects and cutting-edge contracts through DARPA.


Enhance your procurement strategy with deep dives into the Defense Contract Management Agency's latest contracts.


Secure a strategic advantage with financial oversight and audit contracting opportunities via DCAA.

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